Tower of Druaga

The Search

According to Arim’s memories, the Tower of Druaga, a monument for a Giant hero of the old days (before the fall of Giants), lies South-West from the ruins (and the Warforgeds’ headquarters). Depending on circumstances, it takes a two or three day journey to get there. Praeses was set to guard those ruins back in the day, and the Giant hero finds it hard to believe that the toughest of the mechanical veterans would have fallen. The tower consists of five layers on the surface and two belowground.

Druaga was a guardian of sorts. He was the greatest Stone Giant of old, and was known for his vigilance and wards. The hero was both a master of the sword and a mage of renown. The tower is home to a cape that used to belong to Druaga (War Wizard Cloak, MIC 147).

Manethak or any of his tribesmen will know that the Tower is guarded by another tribe of Goliaths known as the Honorshields. They are no friends of their tribe, the Soulshields. A third tribe known as Spellshields is known to exist but they are only seen during the gathering of Goliath leaders and the renewal of ancient pacts.

Making your way towards the Tower might turn out dangerous. The servant of Nehushta responsible for the invasion of the Tower is Gigogogu, and he has been supplied with a swarm of Gluttonids which he keeps at the tower as well as a pack of Kruthiks (MHB 62-64) which he employs as scouts. Unless special precautions are taken, the characters will encounter a pack of 6 hatchlings (MHB 62) and 2 adults (MHB 63) during the second day of their travel. These are the remains left behind in the camp of Honorshield Goliaths after their massacre approximately a week ago. They will be visible when the camp is approached, but the Kruthiks’ Keen Scent ability will let them realize the characters’ presence in good time (most probably), and they will start by sending a single hatchling back to the Tower and firing a volley at the party using their spikes.

Tower of Druaga

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