Suitable Location

Near Manethak’s cave, there is a rocky protrusion surrounded by trees. Around it are clear marks of lost civilization: stones that still retain some of their worked edges and minor archaeological finds such as pot shards. One stone in particular captures Jovi’s attention. Although it is weathered and splintered, one side is almost untouched by the environment. It is covered in Giant runes and reads (approximately, many parts are missing):

Vermin will rise.
Slaves will rise.
We shall be abased further,
once again stooping lower.
Beware of the Locust Made Man.

He will suggest that the base of operations is set here. There is a beautiful view from a rocky cliff near the edge of the opening, and he really appreciates it. However, he must leave for Stormreach and for Sharn to report their findings thus far and that the operation will move to the next phase. Jovi promises to return in five to six weeks and bring provisions. He hopes that the party will have unearthed something worth bringing back by then.


The rocky base will need to be worked by some of the Guard Class Warforged. The Scout Class models will need to collect timber but having Guard Class and Executive Class (the party) protectors seems necessary in the wilderness. The exact details are left up to the party to decide.

If work continues to evening and night, and there are groups without protection from the whole party, they will hear the signal whistles of one of those groups at one point. If they rush to investigate, the Warforged will be under attack by a group of Drow (1 Kent’tar Clan Caster and 3 Kent’tar Clan Warriors). These Drow are loyal to Irranna, and they will retreat if any of them are felled or if the fight seems to prolong beyond a few rounds.

If any of the Drow escape intact, they will actually be killed by Sharroos’s rebels before reaching their camp. This will immediately alert Sharroos’s troops to the presence of the Warforged, although they are not immediately hostile. Instead, they will present themselves to the party as potential benefactors. If any weapons were destroyed by the caster, they will offer replacements from their arsenal in exchange for help against Irranna. Sharroos will also argue that ridding the area of Irranna and her followers will make it much safer for the workers. He can even provide payment in the form of black amethysts.

Sharroos commands a group of 10 Kent’tar Clan Warriors. He knows that Irranna commands 15 Warriors (excluding those killed; this includes the 3 Thralls) and 3 Casters, and that she is a capable mystic herself. He makes sure not to reveal that they are but a scouting party sent from underground, from the Drow city of Amaltel (Blessed Exile, a city cut from the rest) which is why their group as a whole includes no civilians. He also tells that the reason for their separation is a coup arranged by Irranna and her closest three warriors (the Thralls) after they returned from a scouting mission. She seems to have forsaken Vulkoor for a being called Nehushta.

Kent’tar Camp

Camp Map

Sharroos will have a general idea of how Irranna’s troops are divided within the camp. He also knows the exact location. The plan he proposes is that the Warforged charge straight at Irranna’s tent while he and his men keep the rest of the Drow from interfering.

Irranna’s tent always holds her and her 3 Thralls. Depending on the situation, any number of the casters might also be there.

Half of the warriors left (9-12) in the camp will at all times be in guard duty. Sharroos intends to take care of them with his men without triggering an alarm but even if it is triggered, the Warforged should charge for Irranna.

Sharroos will lead his men on top of Angcyrl, having buffed himself beforehand, and prefers to pepper the Drow with his spells before charging into battle for real. His men will attempt to use the surprise of their arrival to the bast of their ability and close in after using their (poisoned) bolts.

When encountered, Irranna will attempt to buy time for her Thralls to position themselves. She will be surprised to encounter Warforged instead of Sharroos, though. Since Sharroos’s commands can be heard inside the tent, she will know that the party is allying itself with him, and her primary objective before combat is to shake the party’s trust in Sharroos. She will tell them that he is but an usurper who will discard and eradicate them after they have served their purpose. She will also warn them that she is blessed by Nehushta and that angering him will mean the end to the Warforged.

No matter how the party reacts, Irranna will eventually attempt to backstab them with the help of her Thralls. They will flank the Warforged and attempt Sneak Attacks against them. If she is reduced to 10hp or less, Irranna will use Dimension Door to escape. The Thralls will turn to Overdrive Healing (swift) if they are hit or if Irranna is forced to escape.

After the fight, Sharroos will reward the party if he promised to do so. He will then take the remaining Drow and leave for Amaltel to make his report. If Irranna managed to escape, he will stay to track her down and kill her.

If any of the Thralls survive for some reason, they regain their senses and are able to tell what happened to them: they entered an old Giant ruin and were ambushed by insect creatures. In there, Irranna was implanted with a parasite that completely rewrote her personality, and they were in turn implanted with that parasite’s offspring.


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