Eberron: Expeditionforged

08.09.2013: Into the Lair

The session begins with the party deciding how they will use the remaining 4 days before Manethak is finished with his prayers. Bone began building a forge using the stones from the Giant ruins around them. Jaeger started assembling the winches they would need to carry rock from their future quarry. However, he could not obtain the necessary metal parts at this point in time. Fix scribed a few combat scrolls, mostly Magic Missiles, and finished the blueprint for the winch. All of them were repaired during this downtime.

Manethak’s arrival was finally heralded by one of the Guards informing J├Ąger of the allied giantborn’s appearance near the perimeters of their headquarters. He was escorted in without trouble despite the limited understanding of what each side was saying. However, the Goliath’s simple message of “we must go now” was readily interpreted by the party, and they decided to follow him. With a proud bearing, Manethak began guiding the party to the hive’s entrance.

Manethak led the Warforged back into the gorge, and they used Bone’s rope to climb down. After some walking among the rubble of the Giants’ past and a tropical shower or two, the now clearly alert Goliath pointed to a hill and the ruins by it. There were two Tirbana Eyewings scouting the area, and Fix decided to bring them down with a shower of magic missiles. One went down with the first volley, and Jaeger attempted to finish the other with a javelin from a distance. However, he missed, and Fix was forced to use another one of his scrolls of magic missile.

They approached the entrance to the lair, and stopped to interpret the Goliath paintings on it. When they asked Manethak what the things depicted on the pillars were, the Goliath answered with a simple “enemies”. After Fix cast light on Bone’s chain, they entered and managed to surprise the Slayer as well as the Drowsers within. The Slayer was disposed of by Bone and Manethak, although it managed to bite the Goliath viciously before being tripped by the Warforged and then ripped apart by the avenging tribesman. The Drwosers hurried to warn the Spawner, and the closer one was splattered on the floor by Jaeger and Bone. The other managed to reach the Spawner, and when Manethak hurried after it, the Spawner successfully put him to sleep, allowing the Drowser to coup de grace him by biting his throat open. Manethak was rapidly avenged by Bone but the damage had already been done. He was hit with an acid orb, and Jaeger confronted the Spawner in melee. He managed to hurt it badly before Bone swooped in and killed it.

They began studying the loot available in this room. Fix detected for magic items and pointed out Manethak’s armor as well as the potions within the pile. They also took the axe the Spawner had been wielding as well as everything worth something (and most importantly – made of metal) among the items in the pile.

Next, they checked the room in which the Goliaths implanted with Tirbana eggs were being held. Jaeger realized that the adults were alive, but Fix failed to verify this. Also, they realized that there was probably nothing they could do to help them and merely squashed a few of the maggots that were squirming towards the still living Goliaths instead of doing anything at the rest. They even re-sealed the room for some reason when they left.

The feeding chambers for the Kythons were given minimal attention. The skittering and high-pitched growls of the hatchlings unnerved the party to some degree but they did not explore further. Instead, they went downstairs.

In the second floor, first Bone and then Jaeger was approached by the adult Kython which pleaded for help. They actually opened the door to its cell, causing it to unleash a prepared mind blast at them. However, the party shrugged it off successfully, and with more caution, Jaeger stepped inside. The adult Kython had received time to prepare due to winning initiative, and it attempted to Charm the psychic warrior as soon as he opened the door. This failed, however. The only mutant among the brood also blasted the party but its weak attempt was barely registered. The adult Kython managed to hurt Jaeger a bit with its tentacles due to his sword failing to penetrate its chitin plates. However, Bone soon joined the fight, successfully tripping and hurting the mutant Kython. It attempted to have him drop his chain with a suggestion but this was shrugged off, and Bone and Jaeger finished off the Kython. They also slaughtered the brood.

Left with the eggs, they attempted to crush one by throwing it at a wall to verify that they were indeed eggs instead of stones. After a few measly attempts, they managed to crack one open, revealing a basic Kython inside. The rest of the eggs were gathered and wrapped in mucus-soaked rags. Bone added them to his inventory for the time being, the idea being that Jovi would probably appreciate the samples.



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